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Top 10 Things to Do: Australia

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016

Australia is a huge country with some amazing cities and places of interest. Trying to make an itinerary to go to one of the greatest places in the world can be difficult to here’s a handy guide about the best places to visit Down Under


  • Sydney Harbour Bridge. One of the most iconic bridges in the world, let alone Australia. It’s not easy but climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a major achievement that comes with 360 panoramic views of the city. You’ll be wearing a special harness and be 440 feet above sea level!
  • Great Barrier Reef. The longest reef in the world, with the clearest of water and the most beautiful fish. A total labyrinth of coral, islands, lagoons and caverns furnished with a variety of marine life. One of the world’s natural beauties in its stunning under water environment. Pop on a mask and dive!
  • Bondi Beach. Surf, visit a café and sunbathe at Australia’s most famous beach. Watch out for those riptides for your own safety. Hugh Jackman can only rescue so many people at once!
  • Coral Bay. One of Australia’s greatest hidden secrets, largely unvisited, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia is totally unrivalled in its beauty. Did you know you could snorkel and dive with whale sharks here?? It’s one of the only places in the world you can do that.
  • No 96 Tram. Not many top ten lists include transport but the tram that runs through Melbourne’s CBD is not only free, but close to massive icons in the city itself including museums, stadiums, Luna Park and the architectural brilliance of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibitions Centre. If you’re looking for convention centre accommodation in Melbourne, the tram runs right by Apartments of Melbourne and is conveniently placed for the best bars and boutiques in Melbourne.
  • Ngadiku Dreamtime Walk. The absolutely stunning Mossman Gorge in northern Queensland hosts the Ngadku Dreamtime Walk offers a perspective on indigenous local aboriginal community.
  • Kangaroo Island. A wildlife wonder where you can get up close with kangaroos and is a massive highlight for wildlife lovers. An absolute treat and somewhere you can see kangaroos in the wild.
  • Great Ocean Road. A 150-mile drive along the edge of Victoria, Great Ocean Road is the edging to many exquisite beaches and the Twelve Apostles at the end are pillars of rock out to sea, roughened by the Southern Ocean over time.
  • Dolphin swim, Adelaide. Swim and snorkel among the beautiful dolphins that commune near the beaches in Adelaide. A once in a lifetime experience for all the family.
  • William National Park. The wilderness known as the Bay of Fires in Tasmania offers a trekking tour where small groups can explore the stunning beaches and the nearby woodlands. Often forgotten by visitors, Tasmania is actually one of the places in Australia that take your breath away.
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4 Places to Visit in Melbourne:

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016

Mapping your itinerary when you’re visiting Melbourne is one of the most important things you need to do. Knowing where you’ll be on a daily basis can be exciting and ticking that list off bit by bit can really make a holiday. When you wake up in the morning and sit on the balcony with a cup of beautifully made coffee from one of the superb coffee machines in our apartments, you can plan your day with joy! Make sure you visit and book your extras for checking in and out as well as parking. Using the free tram service in the CBD is far more cost effective than paying for parking across the city. So, once you’ve had your free continental breakfast with Apartments of Melbourne where do you go? Our handy little guide of places to visit in Melbourne should help!


  • Beaches! You’re in Australia, in Victoria’s spectacular capital of Melbourne, you’re staying in a fantastic serviced apartment close to the CBD. You’ve got to hit St Kilda, of course! It’s one of the most popular Port Phillip beaches and it’s a beautifully wide and sandy beach great for sunbathing or activities with the family! Melbourne has 16 beaches altogether so you’ll never be stuck for choice. Keeping your sun cream and after sun care in the integrated fridge in your Apartments of Melbourne accommodation can help cool off after a long day!
  • Melbourne Museum! Love dinosaurs? You’ll definitely love the Melbourne Museum. We have an absolutely fantastic exhibition available, Jurassic World: The Exhibition is available to see and is based on one of the biggest movies in cinematic history. It’s exhibiting until October 2016 but not to worry, there’s an excellent dinosaur walk showcasing skeletons of prehistoric animals. The Museum houses the Melbourne IMAX, the most immersive movie experience in the world. Our serviced apartments in Melbourne may show Netflix on our televisions, but this is something else entirely! Kick back, watch an amazing film with amazing effects!
  • Food and drink! Each of our fabulous apartments are close by to a huge range of bars, cafes and restaurants. The food is exquisite and is a mix of cultures so there’s something for everyone’s taste. Alongside the best places to eat are supermarkets and malls so you can pick up ingredients to cook for yourself in your apartment kitchen. Of course the idea of a holiday is to have someone cook for you and serve your food but there’s something simply romantic about buying your own ingredients and dining out on your balcony!
  • Clubs and pubs! Cover bands, comedy and stand up karaoke shows, Melbourne’s nightlife is hot as can be! Jazz and blues clubs are around the city as well as local and international live bands performing. Visit the casino and the local cinemas for the best in entertainment and really wear yourself out. Sing and dance with the best, then come back and enjoy a Kingcoil bed with hotel quality linen and 5 star pillows. Apartments of Melbourne want you to enjoy your stay in Melbourne as well as you stay in our holiday accommodation!



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How to Uniquely Spend Your Holidays with the Entire Family

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016

How to Uniquely Spend Your Holidays with the Entire Family

Holidays are defined to be the best experience that you will ever appreciate during your adulthood. It will be your time to celebrate freedom from work and free yourself from all the stressors that you have encountered daily. This is a privilege that you have to grab immediately before someone takes it away from you. Nowadays, there are already a lot of activities that you can do to complete your summer. Some with much would definitely go out and travel in different parts of the world. On the other hand, those who have little can still enjoy their holiday by doing activities that would not cost much.

In spending your holiday, the most important thing to consider is how to have fun that will fit in your budget. These days, said activities are now being upgraded into more fun filled and unique such as those that can be found in Caravan holidays north Wales. Such caravan holiday is dedicated in delivering happiness and adventures that will make sure that customers will be delighted of the services while ensuring a healthy environment to play with and enjoy. When it comes to caravan holidays, there are a lot of things that you can do, which you can never imagine, such as enjoying the facility, which resembles your home. This idea can give you the comfort and stress free vacation that you have ever wished for.


Essentially, it is not difficult for you to join caravan holidays. It is now popular and a lot of people would opt to be into this holiday spree because you can always have the option to choose which place you want to go. Most importantly, you can whine up from all the problems and stress that you have from work and enjoy the holiday with the rest of the family with the picturesque view that you are about to enjoy. This is a prerogative that you can definitely enjoy along with your family once you have enrolled into a caravan holiday.

This opportunity becomes even more exciting because you are to join the multitudes in celebrating even a short stay vacation and live in a “home structured” facility which is convenient and comfortable for the entire family. Your kids will surely love it how they will meet new friends, go visit green valleys and breathe in fresh air while playing and doing their stuff. Not just that, there are surely fun filled activities that will be showcased to the family once you have arrived in your destination. This is a perfect cost effective treat that you can surely be proud to impart to your beloved family.

There are already a lot of companies that have offered holiday caravan with various activities in store for you. That is why it is always best to contact them and ask for a quote or even enquire about the places that they have offered to visit in their holiday caravan packages. This will definitely a unique holiday offer experience for the whole family.


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